Academic Staff Union of Universities suspended its proposed strike.

The proposed strike was suspended over Federal Government’s directive to enroll its members into the Integrated Payroll Personnel Information System.
Muhamadu Buhari while presenting the 2020 budget proposal before lawmakers on October 8, 2019. Had vowed that Federal Government Employees not captured on the IPPIS platform by 31st Oct. 2019 would no longer be receiving their salaries.

Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, ASUU, president in a phone interview, noted that the union had decided to maintain status pending further meetings. ASUU had at different era rejected the deadline, stating that universities operated differently from the civil service.
We have been saying the reaction of our members will depend on what happens in the government.
Our members will meet at the appropriate time to take appropriate decision.  

According to him, the union is proposing another template which would factor in the peculiarities of the universities and promote their interest.
The point we are making is that we have visited the Senate President, told him that there is an alternative to IPPIS.
The IPPIS as we see it, will not promote the interest of the university, there is no university or country in the world where the payment of university workers is centralised with the government.

Ogunyemi stressed that enrolling its members would affect Nigeria’s status, and discourage visiting lecturers come into the system.
IPPIS will affect our ranking, because now scholars from different parts of the world will not be encouraged to come to Nigeria.
Imagine somebody come for short six months and because of IPPIS he is not paid from three to four months. Whereas, if they are domesticated in the universities, ASUU will pay them.

Universities can attract scholars from any part of the world and you do not expect scholars to come from India, China, Australia, America or UK and be coming into Abuja to enroll in IPPIS.
It is ridiculous, and that is what the autonomy means, that universities should govern their personnel.

However, He noted that what the union wanted was a governing Council that would govern and manage the payroll of ASUU members.
If government does that, it is the council that the government will hold responsible, that is what the law says, and where a council is found to be corrupt, or incompetent, that council should be dissolved.
Our proposal is that there should be a mechanism that will enable the government to monitor the payroll system and the personnel.

When we centralise the payroll system of academics in Nigeria, you are taking a risk, cyber criminals can break into it at any time.
There is nothing you put on the internet that cannot be hacked and that is not accessible in any part of the world.
He stressed that the IPPIS will erode autonomy of the union, noting that the universities are unique environment, and are called universal cities.