Fast rising Nollywood actress eva Chris with impressive curves does not shy away when talking about her natural endowments.
She is an Anambra State born role interpreter.
In a recent chat with Inside Nollywood confirmed that her killer curves open doors for her.

She said:
It has always been my dream from childhood to be celebrated.
A producer once saw me on Instagram and chatted me up. He said he needed me for a movie role because I had the curves he is looking for in his upcoming movie.

My curves bring me favour a lot.
In fact, my curves are my unique selling points. Eva Chris said.

Despite that Eva Chris is easily spotted and gains attention effortlessly for her curves, she point the negative sides of possessing such an intimidating statistics.
She said:
I have not really had embarrassing moments in the industry. But my life outside the industry has not been easy.
Most times when I go out guys call out on me. They make funny comments on my backside.

Not too long a guy approached me on the road and said because of you, I must make money.
I will be rich and come back for you. I will find you.
At that moment, I was shocked.

Another problem I have is that when someone approaches me, I would not know if he really wants to date me or just sleep with me and leave.
I am still single and I want a man that will love and support my dreams. I don’t care about tribe.

But he must be a rich guy.
I work hard so I can’t settle for less.
He should be taller than me too.
I don’t want an actor, but a musician or athlete.